Comparing is an Energy-Sucker

Do you compare yourself to others? Most of us do. We easily assume that “they” are better or “they” know more. It’s a way the haters inside our minds keep us small and paralyzed. Comparing is an energy-sucker.  To be clear, the judgments and put-downs from comparing are all made up and a bunch of lies. No one is inherently better or worse than you. Your intuition, skills, abilities, expressions, and wisdom are all valuable.

Keep an eye out for comparisons and don’t be fooled into believing the messages.   It will deplete all of our reserves if we fall for it. Jealousy, envy, and a lifetime of procrastination come from the comparison frame of mind. First, awareness will assist with seeing judgment, and then consciously, we can stop doing it.  (More on self-awareness:  Looking in the Mirror with Love)

Instead of comparing and judging yourself, you can focus on your unique strengths, knowledge, and abilities. You have something to offer that no one else has. We can make space for others to be leaders with their distinctive gifts and energy when we value ourselves.

As a self-valuing leader who knows others will bring something different to contribute, we can more fully enjoy our leadership roles. By being confident with what we offer, we support others to be the best they can be and lead by example.  By valuing what we ourselves bring to the table, we are the example which permits others to freely offer their gifts and uniqueness.

A common trap fueled by tribal rivalry…

R. Schroyer