Looking in the Mirror with Love

We say in our culture that we will be happy if we follow our hearts and love what we do.  Leadership is not something we typically associate with our hearts.  Most leaders are not enjoying the job or the people.  However, in the role of leader, people and love are inextricably fused. What if we were to love the people we lead?  Probably not something most of us have considered. To be a fulfilled leader, loving the people we serve is required, and we have to love ourselves first. Continue reading “Looking in the Mirror with Love”

7 Steps to Changing Your Thoughts

Self-awareness is critical to successful leadership.  As leaders, we have power and influence.  Our thoughts are the basis for every action we take as a leader.  Everything created by humans started as a thought.  Think about that!  Everything on earth for thousands of years created by humans started as a thought.  Thoughts determine our actions.  They are the spark of every act of creativity and of violence. Thoughts can determine the course of our lives.  They are powerful. Continue reading “7 Steps to Changing Your Thoughts”