Comparing is an Energy-Sucker

Do you compare yourself to others? Most of us do. We easily assume that “they” are better or “they” know more. It’s a way the haters inside our minds keep us small and paralyzed. Comparing is an energy-sucker.  To be clear, the judgments and put-downs from comparing are all made up and a bunch of lies. No one is inherently better or worse than you. Your intuition, skills, abilities, expressions, and wisdom are all valuable. Continue reading “Comparing is an Energy-Sucker”

How to Slow Down and Stop Reacting

As human beings, we consistently and automatically think!  With millions of neurons firings every second, creating thousands of thoughts every day,  we unconsciously make up stories and create meaning all the time.  We fill in the blanks and tell ourselves stories when we don’t know what really happened or what is really true.  All of us are moving at a very fast pace.  We need to slow down and stop reacting. Continue reading “How to Slow Down and Stop Reacting”