Feedback Needs to Be Honest and Specific

Feedback needs to be honest and specific. There’s no reason to make up things when giving feedback.  Just tell the truth.  For positive feedback, the same rules apply.  State the facts and the reasons the employee is succeeding.  Example:  “Wow!  You are always willing to do anything and you volunteer to step up to do projects all the time.  I heard about how you helped out Danielle with her work and she was able to move forward. I love it!”

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Feedback Needs to Be Kind

Frequent feedback needs to be kind. Kindness is reflected in the words you use, your tone of voice, your body language, timing, and place.  We must always remain respectful.   Imagine how you would want someone to tell you how to improve.  Everyone deserves respect and kindness.   Think about what you want to say ahead of time. Use facts and not labels.  Spell out the problem without emotion, objectively. The tone of our voice needs to be caring and supportive for helpful feedback.  Are we really trying to help the person? Ask questions and let them say what’s going on for them. Listen carefully. Continue reading “Feedback Needs to Be Kind”

Feedback Needs to Be Frequent

Giving feedback to people is one of the hardest and scariest things for leaders to do.  Many leaders either completely avoid giving helpful feedback to people or they do it in a way that is not helpful.  Most of us never learn how to give feedback skillfully.  We are afraid of conflict and aren’t really clear about what we need to be talking about.  It’s a lot easier to tell others what they are doing well but we usually aren’t specific Continue reading “Feedback Needs to Be Frequent”